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sk your opinion in regard to it.I think I u▓nderstand men pretty well, but I never have had▓ much to do with women.Perha●ps if I had,--this is the sto▓ry of a friend of mine.He told me about▓ it just before I came on. Lyon nodded.Pos●sibly that might be the truth, but he wou●ld keep an open mi

nd on the su▓bject. My friend is a ma●n past middle life,--a successful business man.▓ He has made money and has kno▓cked about the world a good deal, but he ●never fell in love until he was nearl▓y


fifty,--never had time, I suppose.Then▓ he was hard hit.The woman was a good deal you▓nger than he was, beautiful, and all th▓at.He married her just as soon as he could wi▓n her consent, and was idiotically● happy.For a year he thought she was hap●py, too.She seemed to be.Then o▓ne day she received a letter from her old ho●me that upset her.She tried to conceal her d●isturbance from him, but he was too watchful of● her moods to be deceived.From ▓that moment his happiness was destroyed.▓ His wife was concealing something from him.● Other letters followed.They always had t●he same effect.The husband ▓could not be blind to the fact that his ●wife was changed.She avoided him, withhe▓ld her confidence, and he found her mor●e th

an once in tears.Per


haps it does not sound● very serious, but you must rem▓ember that he was madly in love with his wife.▓It was serious for him. Lyon nodded.Di●d he know anything of his wife's▓ past history,--her friends, or her--● Her lovers No, he didn't.●There was the sting.He simply didn't ●know anything.He could only see that som▓ething had come out of that unkn▓own past to ruin his happiness. ● Why didn't he ask her, straight ▓ He did, once, and she prete●nded not to know what he was talk●ing about.After that he set himself● to watch.He pretended to be called away on a s●udden business trip.She left●, by the next train, for her ▓old home, and went at once t●o the man with whom she had been correspondin▓g. How did you--ho

w did ▓her husband


know who the man w●as He had once found a● letter, destroyed before it was f▓inished, which enabled him to▓ identify the man. Was it a love-letter● Olden dropped his head on his ●hand.Not in terms.But it showed th●at this man possessed a confidence whi▓ch she withheld from her husband.In ●it she spoke of her unhappiness▓ in her married life as of something that h●e would understand,--something t▓hat they had acknowledged between them.●Does that seem a little thing to you No, I▓ can understand.Well, what did● he do Nothing, yet.But● I am afraid he may do something.If ●he should kill the man, would you say he ▓was justified What would be the use as▓ked Lyon, lightly. That isn●'t the question, when your

brain is on fire.Yo






u● see only one thing.The whole ●world is blotted out, and only tha●t one thing burns before your eyes.I supp▓ose that is the way one feels when going mad.●Everything else blotted out, you know, excep●t that one thing that you can't forget night ●or day,--awake or asleep,-- His v▓oice was trembling with a passion th●at went beyond control.If

Lyon had had a●ny question that the strange man w●as

telling his own story, he● coul

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d no longer doubt it.Suc●h sympathy is not given to th▓e troubles of a friend. I understand● that he has not killed the man yet No●,--not yet. Well, then I'd advise ▓him to wait a bit, in any event, and make● sure of his facts.There's no se●nse in hurrying these things.Tell him▓ to count ten.Also tell him that circumst▓antial

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